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And the WINNER is....

And the WINNER is....

And the WINNER is....

  • by Charly Kelly
  • December 10, 2015

Congratulations to JESSICA NESS

Jessica is the winner of our first ELX FITMOM Challenge. It was a close race! I am looking forward to sharing some of the other transformations very soon.

Jessica however nailed it! In only 8 weeks she lost 11 lbs and 6 inches. Amazing! ELXFIT was designed to help busy individuals get and stay fit. It works!! Jessica is a BUSY woman, she is a business owner and a mother of 4. Her time is not often her own, but with only 30 minute workouts a day she found a way to make it work. And she did not have to give up her social or family life. She made it all work together. Balance is so important in our busy lives. From reading Jessica's daily posts on our community newsfeed, I know that throughout the challenge, she had some family events, hosted a bridal shower, was away on a girls weekend.....and look at her!! This is inspiring!

There are a couple huge keys to Jessica's success. First, it goes without saying that she works hard and is committed to her goals. Secondly, she is cosistently engaged within her fitness community. Let's face it, it's not always easy to remain motivated and give it your all when you're training at home. And so feeling connected with others going through similar experiences can make all the difference in staying on track.

The ELXFIT community allows our participants to share & support, and fosters a connected and competitive environment. At the end of each workout you can "journalize" your experience (your time is automatically recorded) and share your progress with others should you wish. I am personally inspired when I see others breaking through plateaus and etching out the time in their busy lives to move their bodies. Reading what others have to do in order to get their workouts in keeps me pushing through when life pushes back.

Thank you to all the incredible women who participated in this challenge. You are truly remarkable and an inspiration to those around you. Everyone who completed this challenge pushed me everyday to do my best and I can't thank you enough for this. 

I am so looking forward to a full 12 week challenge in the New Year!! I know a lot of the inspiring ladies from this one are with me! Stay tuned for details to come at


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