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Eat Your Veggies, Take Your Vitamins

Eat Your Veggies, Take Your Vitamins

Eat Your Veggies, Take Your Vitamins

  • by EnergyLife XPRESS
  • July 31, 2015

I recently heard someone say that there are still a lot of people out there that don’t believe they need to taking nutritional supplements; and quite frankly, that this is an uneducated opinion.

Well I couldn’t agree more!

One of the major advantages to be held from taking high quality potent supplements are antioxidants. I'm confident that many of you have heard of antioxidants before, however I still want to expand somewhat on the nature of these power packed soldiers. One of the underlying factors contributing to degenerative disease is oxidative stress from free radical damage. Free radicals occur naturally from the process of cellular respiration and antioxidants are what neutralize these free radicals and prevent them from leading to excessive damage. Only trouble is that we live in a world where "free radical causing agents" are exceedingly high and foods rich in antioxidants are exceedingly low. We are out of balance, which has definitely played its' part in the levels of disease we see today. Simply put, we need to limit our exposure to  factors leading to oxidative damage and enrich ourselves with levels of antioxidants that are capable of shifting ourselves toward optimal health. 

High quality nutritional supplements can help do this and bridge the gap between poor-to-average and optimal nutrition.They’re essential for building health in every cell of the body.

Vitamins and minerals can help do all of the following:

  • Enhance/support your immune system
  • Reduce oxidative stress and damage from free radicals
  • Support healthy brain function
  • Protect your cardiovascular system
  • Lessen joint pain and enhance the health of your bones and joints
  • Promote radiant skin and prevent wrinkling
  • Increase your metabolism - AKA FAT BURNING
  • Support your vision

We are meant to get all of our nutrients from our diet however with the world we are living in this just isn’t possible for huge majority of us. 

Our food supply is depleted thus leaving us depleted if we do not take action to optimize our health. In the past 50 or 60 years the farming practices have been altered. Soils are void of nutrients due to overfarming and chemical fertilization has increased drastically. And we can’t forget our new favorite - GMO’s - Genetically Modified Organisms. There are food like substances being “made/manufactured” to look like real food. Our eyes and taste buds may not know the difference but our cells do! And they are starving for nutrition.

On top of this we are exposed to so many toxins in today’s world - Plastics, pollution, pesticides, chemicals in cleaning products. Very difficult to avoid all of them and therefore our cells are constantly in a battle to get the “bad” out and this is done by filling up on the “good”. If the nutrients our bodies need are not readily available, then degeneration happily moves in.

Degenerative conditions  are pretty much all we hear about these days are far as illness’s that ail us. The unfortunate thing about this is they are largely preventable. I’m not saying curable (all though there is a lot of evidence to support natural cures of many as well) but PREVENTABLE! You can take control of your health by being educated and aware. Take responsibility for your health. Your body deserves the very best and this must begin at a cellular level.

So I'm sure I've made my point - I am a huge believer that we need to be taking high quality vitamins every day! BUT this does not dismiss the importance of a healthy diet. Just like you cannot "out-train" a bad diet, you also cannot optimize health through supplementation alone.

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