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Time for a Challenge

Time for a Challenge

Time for a Challenge

  • by EnergyLife XPRESS
  • July 30, 2015

We need targets, we need goals... and being fit for life is a wonderful reason to workout on a daily basis. It is definitely one that gets me through those training sessions most days. However, in order to really push it to the my max each day and every day in strength and fitness (mentally as much as physically), I must have a goal...a CHALLENGE. I find this necessary to push me in moments of weakness and to measure my progress. 

So my last blog was all about getting back to my pre baby fitness level - and I would say I'm there. I'm lifting the weight I was prior to pregnancy, doing all sets of full push-ups again, can do pull ups and am running at the same level as before. Thank goodness!

The new challenge is to be my fittest, healthiest and most functional self. I will measure this based on my ability to get "ripped" (muscle definition everywhere but especially thighs and abs) while eating healthy. I competed in a couple fitness competiions back in 2008 and was very ripped and lean, but I was not what I would consider in optimal health as my diet was very restrictive and I ended up losing my menstrual cycle. To improve my functional self, I have another "measuring stick". I'm aiming to add new skill sets involving flexibility and strength....HAND BALANCING. I recently took a course put on by Steve Atlas and was a very inspired.

With a goal there must be a time frame as well. So being realistic, I will make this all happen for an upcoming family wedding in St. Lucia November 2013. Ripped, healthy and standing on my hands in the sand :)


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